WA Police Legacy Inc.

  • Has deductible gift recipient status and is registered as a public Benevolent institution for the purpose of section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act and donations over $2.00 are income tax deductible.

  • Is a registered charity for the purposes of Section 50 – 145 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

  • Is authorised to collect money and goods to further its objects and holds license number 20357 issued by the Charitable Collections Advisory Committee of Western Australia.

To make a donation,  you can make a direct transfer into our bank account;

P&N Bank

BSB 806-015

Account Number 01519706

But please advise us when money has been deposited. 

You can make a donation by pressing the button below or add a fixed donation to your cart when placing an online order. 


If you are a serving member of the WA Police you can sign up for fortnightly deductions, please contact us for further information.


Make a donation at any Branch of Police and Nurses Credit Society or send a cheque to WA Police Legacy. Our postal address is

WA Police Legacy, 

PO Box 87

Victoria Park WA 6979

Credit Card payments can be made by contacting us. 


If you wish to leave a bequest in your will for the benefit of the families of deceased officers the full details are:

Western Australian Police Legacy Incorporation
ABN 46 758 934 581
WA Police Legacy, PO Box 87 Victoria Park WA 6979


If your donation has been brought about by a particular event please help us to recognise that event and your generosity.

Please contact our office for further information.