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The Honour Roll commemorates those members of the Western Australia Police Force who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the execution of their duty.

This WA Police Honour Roll records the name, rank, date and a précis of each death which has been accepted as duty-related by the various Commissioners of Police of the day.

Unfortunately due to the nature of policing, this Honour Roll will never be complete.

May they rest in peace – lest we forget - we will remember. 

Detective Senior Constable Michael CURSITER

On Friday 6th November 2020, Detective Senior Constable Mike Cursiter, whilst working at Perth Detectives, was involved in an evade Police vehicle pursuit which resulted in a foot chase. The offender was detained, arrested and returned to Perth Police Station. Detective Senior Constable Cursiter began to feel unwell and attended the bathroom area of Perth Police Station, where he was later found unresponsive. Colleagues and paramedics attempted to revive Detective Senior Constable Cursiter prior to conveying him to Royal Perth Hospital, where he was later declared deceased by doctors.

Detective Senior Constable Cursiter was cremated at Pinnaroo Valley Chapel & Crematorium on Monday 30th November 2020 (St Andrew's Day, Patrol Saint of Scotland) and wasgiven a Police funeral with full honours.

Surviving him are his life partner Evie and two daughters, Bailie ages 22 and Brogan aged 20.


CURSITER, Michael. Detective Senior Constable 15129 06.11.2020 

GREEN, Dennis M. First Class Constable 07.12.2017 Traffic accident

MURPHY, Damien P.Constable 11212  15.02.2007    Struck by motor vehicle

PEARSON, Jamie L. Snr Constable 9472  27.11.2004  Traffic accident

CAPES, Gavin A.Constable 10305  26.01.2001  Killed in plane crash

DEWAR, David A.First Class Constable 9178  26.01.2001  Killed in plane crash

RULAND, Philip G. Snr Constable 7877  26.01.2001  Killed in plane crash

EVERETT, Donald R. Snr Constable 4600  26.01.2001  Killed in plane crash

JENKINS, Michael R. Snr Constable 8696  27.10.2000  Traffic accident

LOOHUYS, Mark K.Constable 9856  18.02.2000  Traffic accident


KLUMPER, C. A.Constable 10034  28.08.1998  Died from injuries received in traffic accident

BALL, Peter S.Constable 9734  06.08.1998  Killed by a car while on duty

KENNAUGH, Jane Snr Constable 7338  01.07.1996  Traffic accident

GAUNT, David E.First Class Constable 6363  17.03.1996  Motorcycle accident

SCOTT, Charles A. Det. Snr Constable 6452  13.03.1996  Killed in plane crash

KEPPLER, Gary Recruit R299  08.11.1995  Died after complications from a virus and exercise

DUCKHAM, N. K.Constable 9003  13.07.1995  Traffic accident

BOWEN, Geoffrey L. Det. Sergeant 5507  02.03.1994  Murdered

KNIGHT, Stephen R.Constable 8416  01.06.1993  Killed by driver of a car while on radar duty

HUGHES, Stephen Det. Sergeant  05.12.1990  Traffic accident

OSWALD, James L. Det. Snr Constable 5906  22.11.1988  Traffic accident

DOUGLAS, Arthur J. Det. Snr Constable 6050  22.11.1988  Traffic accident

PENSE, William G.First Class Constable 3507  12.10.1979  Murdered

STANAWAY, M. D.Constable 5453  01.04.1979  Murdered

SMITH, IvanDet. Constable  16.03.1977  Unknown

BROWN, Graham E.Constable 5099  15.02.1977  Traffic accident

TYRRELL, Paul Constable 4321  09.05.1974  Traffic accident

PRITCHARD, R. J. C.Constable 4432  22.03.1973  Traffic accident

O'SULLIVAN, T. D.Constable 3893  23.01.1971  Traffic accident

GODFREY, A. B.Constable 3925  10.06.1970  Traffic accident

HEARY, Kenneth Constable 3677  05.12.1969  Traffic accident

SULLIVAN, T. P.Constable 3642  30.06.1968  Traffic accident

CUSACK, Colin T.Constable 3332  11.02.1968  Murdered

WINTER, George R.Constable 2759  07.09.1965  Traffic accident

BELL, Robin I.Constable 3457  23.12.1964  Traffic accident

ILES, Noel Constable 2901  09.02.1963  Murdered

FLATT, Kenneth T.Constable 2760  07.03.1961  Traffic accident

BURNS, Hamish B.Constable 2619  20.12.1957  Traffic accident

THOMAS, Harry M.Constable  22.02.1956  Unknown

MILLS, Richard B.Constable 2226  12.03.1955  Murdered

McMANUS, Peter J.Constable 1938  02.03.1955  Murdered

GRAY, Edmund H.Constable 1652  02.11.1954  Killed in a horse fall

MORTON, Frank A.Constable 2461  23.10.1954  Traffic accident

MORROW, Edgar Sergeant 1302  15.05.1953  Traffic accident

TULLY, Laurence H.Constable 1528  19.06.1952  Motorcycle accident

STEWART, D. A.Constable 1988  18.08.1951  Traffic accident

McDONALD, R. J.Constable 2098  06.02.1949  Motorcycle accident

BROOKS, Jim Constable 2094  29.05.1948  Traffic accident

ROE, Carl Det. Constable 1823  21.10.1946  Murdered

BUZZA, Laurence  Constable 1804  06.06.1940  Died from gun shot wounds

LEWIS, Stanley L.Inspector 01.12.1937  Unknown

MARK, Alexander Sergeant 472  09.03.1928  Died from gun shot wounds

READ, Wilfred E Constable 03.01.1927 Died from gun shot wounds

WALSH, John J Det. Inspector 67  28.04.1926  Murdered

PITMAN, A. H Det. Sergeant 425  28.04.1926  Murdered

McCLAY, John Constable 1129  01.12.1923  Drowned

THOMAS, Herbert Inspector  22.12.1920  Died of sunstroke during Broome riots

FLETCHER, B. H.Constable 550  01.04.1912  Stabbed to death

BUTTLE, Frank T.Constable 105  20.03.1912  Lost at sea

JOE Aboriginal Assistant 13.11.1904

HAMLEY, John Constable 532  14.03.1903  Drowned

WALLABY Aboriginal Assistant  20.09.1902  Murdered

DONG Aboriginal Assistant  19.04.1900  Speared to death



DICKEY  Aboriginal Assistant  01.07.1899  Speared to death

McGREGOR, A. M  .Constable  19.05.1898  Died from wounds received in an affray

WILLY  Aboriginal Assistant  22.06.1896  Murdered

COLLINS, Joseph  Constable  11.09.1895  Speared to death

NICHOLSON, John  Mounted Constable  28.07.1895  Killed by a horse fall

BLENCOWE, Ernest  Constable  10.06.1895  Killed by a horse fall

ROCKET Aboriginal Assistant  21.03.1895  Speared to death

RICHARDSON, W.C.Mounted Constable  31.10.1894  Murdered

BOSVILLE, Herbert  Constable  20.07.1893  Drowned

TROY, Richard  Sergeant  16.06.1890  Accidentally shot

PARRISH, Jimmy  Aboriginal Assistant  12.04.1890  Died after being beaten and strangled

O'CONNELL, Joseph Constable  20.04.1887  Fatally shot during an arrest

HACKETT, Patrick J.  Constable  12.09.1884  Murdered

ARMSTRONG, W. A. Constable  14.01.1875  Murdered

McKERNAN, William Constable 14.02.1869 

GRIFFIS, William Constable  07.02.1868  Speared to death

GEE, Walter Constable  17.09.1865  Murdered by escaping prisoners

PANTER, F. K. Inspector  09.11.1864  Ambushed and speared to death

GOLDWYER, W. H. Constable  09.11.1864  Ambushed and speared to death

KNIBBS, Thomas Constable  12.02.1855  Fatally shot by a prisoner

DALTON, John Constable 18.08.1846 Speared to death

GALWERT (Jack)Aboriginal Assistant  Aug 1846  Speared to death

ELLIS, Theophilus T. Captain  11.11.1834  Died as a result of a spear wound

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